Sam de Smith



I'm an  English Teacher working at Bannerman High School in Ballieston, Glasgow. To find out about this, click here.

I've just finished off a thesis of sorts at the University of Glasgow, in Department of English Language, studying Voice Quality in English. To learn more about this, click here .

I've been heavily involved in amateur Musical Theatre in Glasgow over the years, as a member of 3 separate societies: The Cecilian Society (Glasgow University's student society), the Operating Theatre Company (doctors, medics and assorted hangers-on such as myself) and the Eastwood Entertainers. Whilst I'm not doing any shows currently, you can find out about what I have done recently here.

If you're foolish enough to want to know more about my unashamed geekery, click here.

I currently live in central Glasgow, with a lovely Scottish lass named Margaret to whom I'm soon to be married and cat called Millie. Other than being an all-singing, all-gaming teacher, I enjoy photography (new toy!) and travel (which of course is one of those ubiquitous CV space fillers), and you can learn a bit more about these by clicking here.